Bělohradský: Under the Verner´s supervision

Freshly eighteen year old figure skater arrives at the home European Championships as the reigning national champion. In December, namely in Katowice he won the four national championships of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland after Michal Březina resigned due to a fall during the free skate at the competition. He gained the opportunity to participate in the European Championships among adults for the second time.

Jiří Bělohradský became the Czech team member in the men´s category already in Bratislava last year.

He collected the first experiences of major ISU competitions already at the junior Grand Prix series and the World Junior Championships two years ago. Due to an injury he did not manage to get to the free skate there but in the Slovak capital he performed in the final evening of the best Europeans and he finally occupied the twentieth place.

“Generally, I am very satisfied with the placement. It was perfect, in such a competition I managed to perform well, although the short program was better,” he claimed then. A month later, in Debrecen, he also improved his best achievement at the World Junior Championships, where he finished sixteenth.

For already two year Bělohradský draws inspiration from the coaching duo Vlasta Kopřivová – Tomáš Verner and is very enthusiastic about this coaching tandem. “It’s a big motivation for me,” he says. On Verner he appreciates that he can pass on his own experiences. “He competed at the same event as me now. He can explain everything to me.”


When in season 2013-2014 the 27-year-old Tomáš Verner said goodbye to ice competitions, only 14-year-old Jiří Bělohradský faced him at the national championship for the first time. Later they agreed to cooperate.
„Tomáš is my idol,“ he claims.

The coaching duo Kopřivová-Verner has divided functions. The first is the nice one; the other is (a bit) bad.

“I am the benign face,” says Verner. “I explain to Jiří that even when he comes tired from school, he must get through the full programs on training, to fall sometimes, to stand up again and go to the end. And then, Mrs. Kopřivová sometimes has to raise her voice. “

The results are coming.
From his home western Bohemia, where he used to be coached in the Carlsbad club by Monika Škorničková, he came to Prague with his two years younger brother Matyáš. He is now also successful and managed to win third place in the series of the Junior Grand Prix in Saransk.