Mistrovství Evropy v krasobrusleni 2017

Czech stars are looking forward to the Championship. Březina praises conditions in Ostrava

Journalists met the home stars at a media briefing on Tuesday. Questions about current form and training were answered by Michal Březina and ice dance couple Nicole Kuzmichová and Alexandr Sinicyn.

Michal Březina is also on new jumps

You were recently injured, how are you now?
Injury, well, it was only a little one. My shoulder was only partially dislocated, nothing was pulled or torn, so I was off the ice for about free days. I couldn’t jump for a week, so I started jumping right after Christmas.

How did it happen that you decided to permanently train in the United States, how did the situation evolve?
There was more than one thing. It wasn’t just about that I wasn’t doing well or that I needed a change, another reason was that a lot of people left Oberstdorf around the time when I was deciding about what will happen and what will not. One needs to have a motivation there. Another reason was that my girlfriend had to go back to the United States and if I were in Europe, it probably wouldn’t be so ideal.

Which coast do you prefer for living?
It’s hard to say, but I do like California, I grew to like it there. Of course, I can’t say that in front of my girlfriend.

What do you think about the arena facilities, compared to other competitions?
I have to say I’m really surprised with how it’s built in here. Everything is huge and the warm-up area is four times bigger than all the others I have ever warmed up at. Everything is awesome and everything is prepared as it should be, one doesn’t get lost in here. There’s someone you can ask about where to go next sat at every corner.

What is the main focus of your practices now?
Since I have come here, we skate three or four kilometers a day which means I already have it skated through and it’s a completely different practice than what I’m used to. Right now we don’t jump much during the practices and it’s not even needed. Everything is about skating, everything is faster and even the jumping is better like that.

What do you think about Javier competing for his fifth European title?
Well, Javi set the bar somewhere completely else, because defending the championship five times in a row is really hard. Of course, now it will depend on how he will do and how will the others do, since he’s not the only one jumping so many quads anymore. If he shows what he can do, he won’t have a problem.

Nicole Kuzmichová and Alexandr Sinicyn were already packed

You only found out that you will be competing last week, was that a surprise for you?
Alexandr: It was a huge surprise. We were preparing for the Universiade and then I opened my email in the morning and found out we are going to the Europeans.

You were preparing for the Universiade, so it wasn’t that big of a change for you, was it?
Alexandr: Everything changed a bit, this competition is a week earlier, but we are here and we are prepared and very happy we can be here and show what the Czechs can do.

How did you react when Alexandr told you this news?
Nicole: As sportsmen, we are always prepared for everything. We already had other trips planned… But we would like to show here the best we can do so everyone in the team is happy and satisfied.