Mistrovství Evropy v krasobrusleni 2017

Czech junior couple made the audience proud

Former World Junior Champions Anna Duskova and Martin Bidar officially entered the senior category. It was a giant, courageous and succesfull leap. In the ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2017 in Ostrava they reached the seveth place. They put a smile on people`s face in sold out OSTRAVAR ARENA when performing their free skating.

With no big mistake they set a new personal best with total of 189,09 points. That in turn put a smile on their faces. „Physically it was incredibly difficult, I could barely lift my hand when taking bows. If it was not for the crowd I would not even make the second lift. We were less nervous than in the short program. I hope it was evident“, said Martin Bidar after the performance. They were the first pair in their group and came late after the warm up skate which caused them a penalisation of one point. „I waved and pointed that they should go already but they could not hear me. I knew they would be penalised  but it did not make any difference in the final ranking so I am firstly happy that they made it. It was a very hard worked performance and I think that they can be satisfied“, said their coach Eva Horklova.


They could not hear her because they were all focused on the performance already. Especially they tried to avoid any fatal mistake just like the one that happened a few weeks ago in the training. „We felt from one lift and I landed on my head. Half of my face has swollen so I looked like Frankenstein.  Luckily it was not a brain concussion so we could continue in training. We had to forget the fall as soon as possible because I need to trust Martin and not be afraid in lifts“, revealed Duskova the story behind their training.  Seventh place is a very good result for them because before the competition they did not have any ambitions. First start among seniors could load their shoulders much more. „We are happy to make it this good. We made the best out of the free skating and after the good short program we kept the position“, said Bidar.

There is another challenge ahead, in March they will travel to World Championships in senior category. „ I really do not feel being pre-mature. Quite the opposite. I felt like a child walking through the arena here. And concerning the World Championships it will be a different story. Stronger competition, possibly bigger crowd. If we want to think about qualifying for the Olympic games next year we have to make it“, admitted Duskova.