Dramatic final in Ice Dance

Free dance offered the most dramatic fight for the European title by now and France pair Papadakis, Cizeron won the final battle. Although they advanced to short dance from the third place, they showed absolutely best performance in free dance.  With this result they defended the European title from last year’s championship. Italians pair Anna Cappellini, Luca Lanotte finished second and Russians Ekaterina Bobrova, Dmitri Soloviev third with only 0,9-point difference.

It was small details that decided the final standing. “We had nothing to lose,” said Guillaume Cizeron after the free dance. He, together with her partner, advanced from third place, but they knew that the loss on first place is minimal. “We fought well in the free dance. We skated at the same level as in practice, and it was so nice to put that out on to the ice. We are learning that in our career. It is not easy and we’re very happy to have been able to overcome the difficulties and to give a program with so much emotion today.”


Best three Ice Dance pairs in Ostrava

French pair went as the last ones on the ice, so they knew very well that Italians Capellini, Lanotte made great performance and were currently on first place. Although Anna Cappellini made one visible mistake in step variation, their final score was impressive. “At the moment we are just relieved that it i over. It was indeed a long and difficult week for us. And I am happy we came through despite the little mistake in the beginning.” Her partner Luca Lannote shortly added: “I am really happy. This is our fifth time on the podium at Europeans and the third time we finish in second place.”

Winners of short dance Russians Ekaterina Bobrova, Dmitri Soloviev were finally the most sad after this tight battle. “We got very emotional by the end of the program, that is why audience maybe thought we were about to cry. We are very glad that we demonstrated our absolute maximum at the moment. We liked to have a free day in-between short and free dance this time. We needed that day, because you know we and the Italian couple switched places, so we had one day to realize that,” commented Dmitri Soloviev. “Some of the levels, especially for the step sequences, were low, so yes,  I am a little bit disappointed. We need to work more on it,” added Ekaterina Bobrova.

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Photo Pavel Lebeda (sport-pics.cz) a Adolf Horsinka