Laides Short ProgramISU European Figure Skating Championships 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia

Important information: practice sessions, return entrance, but no poles

We have prepared a summary of basic information for spectators the ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2017 in Ostrava that would relieve their stay in OSTRAVAR ARÉNA.

There are two entrances to the OSTRAVAR ARÉNA – from Závodní Street a Ruská Street.

1. Due to safety reasons, it is necessary for every person regardless his / her age to have his / her own ticket when entering the Arena – including children. However, re-entries are possible with daily tickets, supposing a spectator goes through the exit turnstile – on the entrance from Ruská street – and logs out when leaving the OSTRAVAR ARÉNA. Not having done that, spectators cannot re-enter the venue.

2. There is a chance to see the practice sessions at Europeans in Ostrava. Holders of all event tickets can enter all the practice sessions at the main rink for free. If you have only a day ticket, you can buy separate ticket for practice in the main rink purchased at cashier of OSTRAVAR ARÉNA on a day of practice for 50, – CZK. (You can even buy the ticket for all the practice sessions – on Monday). Even in case you don´t have any competition ticket you can buy the practice ticket for 50, – CZK at cashier of OSTRAVAR ARÉNA.

The entrance to the practices will be available only from the entrance on Ruská street.

3. All the spectators have to respect the Visitors Guide of OSTRAVAR ARÉNA (see the complete one below). We have chosen the most important instructions:

Particularly objects of the following nature or purpose are prohibited: weapons; sprays; bottles; poles for flags or banners, including telescopic; flags and banners larger than 5 x 3 m; vuvuzelas and pressure horns; alcoholic beverages; animals and cameras, camcorders and other devices for the purpose of professional recording of audio or video. Pictures can be taken (but not flash lights!) by cell phones, tablets and cameras without exchangeable lenses. It is not possible to enter the arena with baby wagons. Only consumption of foods and beverages purchased at the OSTRAVAR ARENA shall be permitted, only in dedicated areas.

Complete Visitors Guide of OSTRAVAR ARÉNA.