Mistrovství Evropy v krasobrusleni 2017

Fernandez amused Ostravar arena

Current best world figure skater Javier Fernandez from Spain confirmed his dominance in Ostrava. He beat silver Russian Maxim Kovtun by 28 points difference. This duo was followed by another Russian Mikhail Kolyada.

It was clear that 25 years old native of Madrid will not let anyone to take his gold already after short program. Although he didn’t avoid mistakes in free skate, he made two from three quads. “It was definitely not the best free skate of the season,” he admitted. “I am just a normal skater, not a machine. I do not consider myself a showman, I would rather say entertainer. I enjoy when people like what I do. The fans were very supportive in Ostrava.”


Best men skaters in Ostrava

Maxim Kovtun knew that he would not make it for gold, but he showed great performance and personal record. “I am so pleased, I worked so hard at practices and today I did nearly everything I had planned. I am so happy that I enjoyed skating both programs, that happened to me for the first time in my career. It is a big gap between my and Javier’s score, but I missed the third quad which is minus 10 points. Javier is already a super name in a figure skating world,” he commented his free skate.

Michail Kolyada made much better performance than in short program, he moved to the medal position and gained bronze. But he was not satisfied at all. “Honestly, I don’t know what happened. My practice went well, the warm up was good, too. It is difficult to say something now. I’m not upset about the fall of the quad Lutz, because it is still a very new jump for me. I am not that happy. I would have been happier if I was fourth but had skated well,” he commented hi emotions after free skate.

Two Czech skaters participated in free skates. Chances of Michal Březina for good standing ended immediately in the beginning of his run. “It definitely was not my day today. I think there was some kind of a black hole between me and the crowd. The cheering fans were great – that even helped me to push myself. Just there was something in the air… I feel shame that I even stepped on the ice today. Half of the program was OK, the other part was bad. I do not understand it, because everything in my trainings went so well,” he was disappointed after his ride. After eight place in short program he finally finished on twelfth place.

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Foto: Pavel Lebeda (sport-pics.cz) a Adolf Horsinka