Hanzlíková: I believe now when I’m here.

Czech figure skaters Michaela Lucie Hanzlíková and pair skaters Anna Dušková, Martin Bidař had their first media meeting today at the ISU European Championship in Ostrava. They all are looking forward the Championships a lot and agreed that the ice in OSTRAVAR arena is excellent. “It is great that the ice is the same in the practice arena as well as in the main rink,” sais Anna Dušková.

Her partner Martin Bidař confirmed that the preparations went well and they are looking forward their first participation at senior championship. “We have no specific goal. We want to have good feeling from our performance and show what we have done in practices.”

Czech national champion Michaela Lucie Hanzlíková also appreciates the conditions in OSTRAVAR arena and now she finally believes she is going to participate at the Championships. “It was a huge shock for me at the Czech Championships. We trained hard for a month so I hope the race will go well. We had to change the short program, to add the combination of two triple jumps, but the rest will be the same as at the Czech Championships.”


ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2017, which takes place in OSTRAVAR ARENA, start on Wednesday 25 January and are coming back to the Czech Republic after an 18-year break as they were held in Prague – in 1999 for the last time.